Create stop motion animations with your smartphone or tablet.

No Tripod

Traditional stop motion animation requires the camera position to be strictly controlled. Anim8 uses computer vision to remove the need for a tripod.


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Free & No Adverts

Anim8 is completely free. You can download it for you iOS device right now. There are no in app purchase and no adverts.

Available on iOS

Get started now by downloading the Anim8 app from the Apple App store. Checkout the next section to see how easy it is to get started.

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Getting Started

To create a stop motion animation with Anim8 is easy! Just follow these simple steps:


Setup the scene

Create an interesting scene which will form the background for your animation. Make sure there are plenty of elements and interesting artefacts (we will explain why in a moment)

Anim8 - Set the scene

Add some character

Next you need some thing (or things) to animate. Grab a toy, draw something on paper or whitley it from wood it really doesn't matter!

Anim8 - Add some character

Capture the first frame

Grab your tablet or smartphone, open Anim8, create a new animation project and take your first picture.

Anim8 - Snap

Make the first move

Move you character (or characters) a little bit. The more you move them the faster they will move in the animation. Move them to little and everything will appear in slow motion. Best to experiment to get a feel for things.

Anim8 - Make a move

Take two

Now it's time to take another picture. Gram your device and try to take a picture form approximately the same spot as the last one.

Anim8 - Take 2


Now you have captured the second frame of your animation, Anim8 will try transform the second frame so that it appears as if it was taken from the exact same spot as the first frame. To do this it uses objects in the background. So the more interesting the background the more likely it is to work well.

Anim8 - Processing

Review and repeat

Hopefully the processing will align the frames so they look just like one another, other than the character(s) moving. Keep moving the character(s) and capturing frames until your animation is complete.

Anim8 - Review and repeat


Once you have made an animation you can share it with your friend. Or why not share it with us on Twitter? Use #Anim8 in your tweet.

Anim8 - Share

User Showcase

Here are a few examples of animations created by Anim8 users around the world. If you would like your animation showcased here then please tweet using #Anim8.

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